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Taking Deployment of Hyperledger Besu to the Next Level with Microsoft Azure

by ConsensysOctober 14, 2019
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DISCLAIMER: In October 2020 PegaSys was renamed to Quorum.

We are pleased to announce that Hyperledger Besu templates are now available on Microsoft Azure’s Marketplace. These templates will help applications deploy multi-node networks with explorers, monitoring, and dashboards for running all the tools you would want to have a full fledged functional network.  

Hyperledger Besu is the open-source Ethereum client written in Java to meet enterprises’ needs. Hyperledger Besu, formerly Pantheon, can run on public, private, and test networks. Developers can use Besu to build enterprise applications requiring secure, high-performance transaction processing in a private network. Additionally, Besu has important privacy and permissioning features enterprises often request.

The Hyperledger Besu team wants to make it as easy as possible to deploy our Ethereum client to enable enterprise use cases and development. Having Besu deployed on different cloud providers is an important strategy to help these applications be developed in proof of concept and production environments. PegaSys’ partnership with Microsoft has been key since our launch, with Azure as one of the fastest growing clouds and Microsoft’s deep experience with enterprise software. 

If you want to get started using Hyperledger Besu or learn more about our Ethereum client, go visit the documentation site or talk with us on RocketChat.

With this deployment on Azure, we think it will make deploying Besu that much simpler for developers. This deployment on Azure gives developers what our Quickstart offers on an Azure VM, i.e a private network comprising a bootnode, rpcnode, minernode, 4 nodes, the block explorer, Prometheus (metrics) and Grafana with the Besu dashboard installed.

In addition to Microsoft Azure, Hyperledger Besu has several other deployment options. Besu became available on Kaleido this past April and you can also run Besu on Kubernetes as well as Docker. Look out for upcoming news on how we continue to make deployment simple with various cloud providers for Hyperledger Besu. 

PegaSys Plus will be launching this month, which is a commercial distribution built on Hyperledger Besu. PegaSys Plus is built to help enterprises accelerate to production with advanced encryption and event streaming features. PegaSys Plus will also be available on Microsoft Azure upon launch.

You can try out the new Microsoft Azure templates here.