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How Your Enterprise Can Build Production-Grade Blockchain Applications with Ease Using PegaSys Orchestrate

This blog post was written by Nicolas Maurice and Julien Marchand with editing from Analía Ramos and Avery Erwin. ...
by ConsensysJanuary 30, 2020
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DISCLAIMER: In October 2020 PegaSys was renamed to Quorum.

This blog post was written by Nicolas Maurice and Julien Marchand with editing from Analía Ramos and Avery Erwin.

As more and more enterprises explore and adopt blockchain business solutions, what will make the difference between mere proofs of concept and production-level applications is the resilience, security, and scalability of their underlying blockchain infrastructure. Whether you’re creating an enterprise network for a trade finance consortium or managing the transaction lifecycle for a decentralized payment solution, your organization needs a blockchain platform that makes launching an Ethereum-powered application extremely easy, secure, and reliable.  

At PegaSys, the protocol engineering team at ConsenSys, we’re committed to not just making blockchain technology easier to integrate into your organization’s stack but to also prove Ethereum’s cost-effectiveness alongside legacy enterprise systems. Our team contributed the open-source code for Hyperledger Besu, an Ethereum client written in Java with advanced permissioning features, and we recently launched PegaSys Plus, our commercial-licensed Enterprise Ethereum Client that allows organizations to better manage their client at scale. Today we are thrilled to announce the addition of a new product to our suite: PegaSys Orchestrate

PegaSys Orchestrate is a platform that enables building secure and reliable Ethereum powered applications with ease. Orchestrate is the result of the experience PegaSys has gathered building production-grade blockchain platforms with enterprises from diverse industries, including capital markets, supply chain, and trade finance. 

Build Applications Faster with PegaSys Orchestrate 

Today, enterprise blockchain projects face the complexity of planning for and preparing technology within existing data systems and processes when building blockchain platforms and connecting them to their blockchain applications. Orchestrate acts as a critical glue between layer 1 (the Ethereum blockchain) and layer 3 (business applications) – ensuring data connectivity with the ease, reliability, and security enterprises seek. In particular, Orchestrate delivers:

Transaction Management

With Transaction Management, there is an automation of all tasks related to:

  • Creating Transactions, including crafting transaction data, gas-management, nonce-management and transaction signature
  • Sending transactions to a blockchain network
  • Post-processing mined transactions including catching receipts and decoding event logs

Orchestrate can handle arbitrary debit of transactions. Thanks to robust nonce management, it allows you to maximize the performance in transactions per section (TPS) that you can get from your blockchain without fail.

Smart Contract Registry

Orchestrate provides a registry API allowing you to securely store and load your Smart Contracts along with every element generated during the development of your Smart Contracts (e.g ABIs and Bytecodes). It highly facilitates developments by giving a single store for all your Smart Contracts, including standard contracts such as ERC-20 or custom contracts.

The Smart Contract registry effectively combines with the Transaction Manager to enable Orchestrate to automatically decode/encode any transactions or receipts.

The Orchestrate engineering team is currently working on an integration with MythX, a security analysis API for Ethereum smart contracts, that will allow the flagging of Smart Contracts stored in the registry that have gone through a MythX security audit, giving you high confidence at all points of the development lifecycle.

Private Key Storage and Account Management

When building blockchain platforms, it’s imperative that your Private Keys are stored securely.

Orchestrate allows you to manage your Blockchain accounts by storing private keys in secure systems such as Hashicorp Vault.

Everything You’d Want From an Enterprise System

Over the past twelve months, PegaSys engineers have worked to make Orchestrate a state of the art Enterprise-grade software that offers:

High Availability

High availability (or HA) is the ability of a system to run continuously without failing. Today HA is a must-have for the adoption of any user-facing platform. Orchestrate provides HA capabilities compatible with multi-AZ (Availability Zone) deployment in active-active replication.


A single Orchestrate instance can operate multiple blockchain applications simultaneously. It greatly decreases running costs, typically for consortia that can have multiple members sharing the same Orchestrate instance.

Each application gets restricted access over its resources, including

  • Blockchain networks it connects to
  • Blockchain accounts it uses to sign transactions


Orchestrate software matches advanced security standards

  • Secure Storage of private keys optionally with network protocol isolation
  • Access restriction using JWT based Authentication
  • Compatible with TLS set-up of every dependency (database, message broker, cache)

Cloud Agnostic

Orchestrate can be deployed on any cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP…) or on-premise.

Orchestrate is shipped using Docker and is compatible with containerized deployment on Kubernetes.

Advanced Monitoring

Orchestrate software facilitate maintenance Ops in production by providing

  • Structured logging
  • System health metrics compatible with Prometheus / Grafana
  • Distributed Tracing based on Opentracing with Jaeger


PegaSys Orchestrate is compatible with both public mainnet and private Ethereum networks. Orchestrate can connect you to those networks whether your blockchain nodes are running on-premise or on BaaS platforms such as Infura, and has the ability to make public or private transactions.

All Orchestrate features are plug and play and can be selected depending on specific needs.

Learn more about PegaSys Orchestrate

Register for our Upcoming Webinar on PegaSys Orchestrate

PegaSys Orchestrate v1.0 was released in November 2019, and is already in use by Covantis. Orchestrate v1.1 is set to launch in February. For more information about how production systems like Orchestrate can help manage transactions, improve smart contract security and audits, and allow for your blockchain applications to be highly available, all while reducing the time and costs, sign up for our upcoming webinar, What You Need to Know Before Building Enterprise Applications on the Blockchain.

Connect with the Experts at PegaSys

Connect with our enterprise blockchain experts at PegaSys to learn how Orchestrate can help your company save hundreds of thousands of dollars in man-hours when getting your blockchain solution production-ready and building your applications on the blockchain while reducing your time-to-market.