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The Codefi Sandboxes: January 2021 Product Update

The Codefi Assets Sandbox is the first in a series of sandbox software environments being developed by ConsenSys Codefi.
by Nicole AdarmeJanuary 29, 2021
Codefi Sandbox Blog

The Codefi Assets Sandbox  

Grasping the impact and functionalities of digital assets can be challenging. However, first-moving financial players have already started to take advantage of these innovations.

In the past two years, asset managers, investment banks, transfer agents, broker-dealers, central security depositories, registered investment advisors, and crowdfunding platforms across the globe have reached out seeking to better understand how the Codefi Assets platform and the Ethereum blockchain will change the way they issue, distribute, and manage financial products. 

In response, today we are launching the Codefi Assets Sandbox—a testing platform that will allow financial institutions to assess and explore digital assets in a simulated digital ecosystem. The Assets Sandbox can be customised to the environment in which a financial institution operates, allowing experimentation, learning, training, and demonstration: 

  • Experiment: Simulate digital asset issuance, distribution, and exchange. 
  • Learn: Give access to team members who want to learn how Codefi Assets works and what it means to operate on a blockchain.
  • Train: Manage users, onboard investors, and create digital assets without the risks of real-world implementation until your team is ready.
  • Convince: Access product demos to showcase the features and benefits of the platform to your stakeholders. 

Within the sandbox, asset managers, investment funds, and other enterprises will gain access to the full capabilities of Codefi Assets, an end-to-end digital asset management platform and API that enables the digitization of a wide range of financial products and transactions.

The Assets Sandbox will include the following features and more:

  • Customizable Issuance: Simplify and configure the design, issuance, and distribution of closed-end and open-end funds as well as debt capital market instruments like zero-coupons, fixed-rate, and floating-rate bonds.
  • Built-in Compliance: Ensure your digital assets comply with regulations by utilizing code that is modelled after traditional securities law. 
  • Accelerated Investor Onboarding: Expedite KYC and AML operations, set distribution rules, share compliance data with regulators and other network participants, and streamline auditing.
  • Unified Lifecycle Management: Automate purchase and redemption orders processing as well as corporate actions distribution (inc. dividend and coupons payments).
  • Streamlined Secondary Trading: Enable investors to easily trade within peer-to-peer markets. Clear and settle transactions in real-time with multiple payment options, no settlement delays, and no counterparty risk.
  • Real-Time Investor Registry: Monitor your asset register in real-time. Retain a transparent and immutable history of transactions, view position and performance metrics, and generate actionable insights all from a single dashboard.

The API Version for Developers

The Codefi Assets API Sandbox is also available for developers that want to experiment with blockchain-based assets in their application. Please specify on the contact form whether you are interested in the API version of the Codefi Assets Sandbox, and we will send you the information you need to get started.

The Codefi Sandboxes

The Assets Sandbox is the first in a series of sandbox software environments being developed by ConsenSys Codefi. Later in Q1.2021, ConsenSys Codefi will launch its Workflow Sandbox and its CBDC Sandbox.

The Sandbox Community Sessions

To keep the institutional community informed of the progress and learnings of the Codefi Sandboxes, ConsenSys Codefi will hold monthly webinar-format community sessions hosted by our product leads. The first session will take place in February 2021.

The product teams will also be available for support and questions over our Discord channel.