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SKALE Token Sale: Round 1 Results and Round 2 Update

by Collin MyersSeptember 8, 2020
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On Saturday morning, Round 1 of the SKALE token sale on Activate successfully concluded. The sale structure was designed to ensure maximally distributed participation for the 10x oversubscribed SKALE token launch that attracted 13,618 total registrations from over 130 countries. 

During Round 1 of the SKALE token sale 4,553 participants who had successfully completed all required registration steps were eligible to purchase a guaranteed allotment of SKALE tokens for up to $1,153 during Round 1 of the sale.

With 3,728 successful purchasers from over 90 countries in Round 1, we can confidently say that this is one of the most distributed token sales to have ever occurred in our industry. Check out the full results of the Round 1 sale below, as well as the details of the upcoming and final Round 2 of the SKALE token sale.

Round 1 Results

Total Available Supply: 175,000,000 SKL

Total Allocated Supply: 130,121,518 SKL

Total Registered: 13,618

Token Price: $0.03

Total Purchasers: 3,728

Total Countries: 90

Total Proceeds: $3.9M

Average Purchase Amount: $1,047

Diagram 1: Cumulative purchase amount over time

Diagram 1: Cumulative purchase amount over time

Diagram 2: Ratio of transaction currency

Diagram 2: Ratio of transaction currency

Round 2 Update

The remaining allocation of 44,878,482 SKL tokens will be distributed in Round 2 of the SKALE token sale that begins on September 10th at 12pm EDT and concludes on September 11th at 12pm EDT.

All registrants that have successfully completed the registration steps including: 1) KYC, 2) the SKALE Quiz AND 3) approval above the purchase intent soft limit of $20,000 by August 17th will be eligible to participate in Round 2. 

The registration for Round 2 is closed and no new or incomplete registrations will be accepted. 

Eligible participants in Round 2 have undergone enhanced diligence including the requirement to submit satisfactory Source of Funds documentation as well as manual KYC reviews in line with the legal requirements provided by NODE Anstalt i.e. the registered entity name for the SKALE foundation for purchasers of $20k+. 

If you are eligible for Round 2 you will be receiving an email shortly so please make sure to double-check your spam folder.

All eligible purchasers in Round 2 will be able to purchase a guaranteed allocation with a maximum allocation of $22,439 at a price of $0.030 / SKL. 

Round 2 Sale Start Date: 10th September, 12pm EDT

Round 2 Sale End Date: 11th September, 12pm EDT

Total Available Supply: 44,878,482 SKL

Token Price: $0.03

Max Purchase Amount:  $22,439