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July 2021 Codefi Assets Product Update

Configurable onboarding features, newly supported assets, unlocked secondary markets, and multiple language options. The Codefi Assets team has been busy delivering new features on its digital asset management platform.
by Matthieu Bouchaud, Nicole AdarmeAugust 11, 2021
Jul2021 Codefi Assets Product Update Blog

What’s new?

The Codefi Assets team recently launched the following new features on its digital asset management platform.

Configure your user onboarding

User onboarding just got better. Issuers can now edit the user onboarding form directly from the platform’s settings menu. This simplifies the relationship between investors and asset managers, with all information being immediately accessible and up-to-date against changing regulatory requirements. This also allows issuers to manage more complex onboarding requirements depending on their jurisdiction or the financial assets they issue and distribute to investors.

Manage Open-end and Closed-end fund asset types

Codefi Assets now supports two of the most commonly used fund structures in the Asset Management industry: Open-end and Closed-end funds. 

The open-end fund structure is appropriate for investment vehicles focused on assets with an established trading market (inc. Crypto Assets) like Hedge funds or Mutual Funds. It has no specific term and its units can therefore be subscribed and redeemed continuously by investors.

In contrast, the closed-end fund structure is advisable for instrument vehicles focused on investments that have no clear market price and are usually subject to transferability restrictions for a period of time like private equity funds, venture capital funds, real estate and natural resources and energy-focused funds. These funds have a specific term (typically 10-12 years).

Asset Managers can now use Codefi Assets to send and collect subscription and redemption orders in real-time while respecting all the rules and regulations of these two new Asset types (cut-off, minimum/maximum amounts etc.). Asset Managers can access, update, and settle all orders in one central place and have their investor registry updated in real-time at the end of each purchase or redemption cycle. 

Allow your investors to sell their assets to other investors

Thanks to our new sell order functionality, investors can create and share over the counter sell orders to other investors, whether or not they are already onboarded on the platform. When an investor is added as a potential buyer to a sell order, using their email address, Codefi Assets will automatically check if the investor is onboarded and has access to this particular asset. If it’s not the case, an invitation will be sent to this new investor, requesting them to be onboarded by the issuer before accessing this order. A seamless way for Issuers to grow their investor base!

Interact with Codefi Assets in multiple languages!

English, Japanese and French. Simply select the language you prefer to see throughout the settings of the app.

Connect and deploy your Assets to multiple Ethereum based blockchains.

Codefi Assets is now multi-network! You now have the ability to connect the application to different Ethereum compatible blockchains, like the Codefi Private Network (used for testing), Rinkeby, and of course the Ethereum Mainnet. We are working on a new feature that will allow you to register new networks directly from the app settings so you can deploy your assets to ANY Ethereum based network, inc. Quorum and EVM compatible side chains like Polygon.

Configure email notifications 

We have made it easier to configure the copy of email notifications users receive when they interact with our application. To get started, open the settings panel, click the notifications configuration card, and download, edit and re-upload the JSON file that lists all the email notifications of the application. 

Change your theme

Issuers can now customize the Codefi Assets look and feel directly from their interface, editing the platform colors and logo to match their own brand identity.

What’s next?

We will soon release some Debt Capital Market instruments starting with Fixed-Rate Bonds. Stay tuned!

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