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Introducing Compare by ConsenSys Codefi

by Nicole AdarmeDecember 18, 2019

Explore the Risk-Return Tradeoff of DeFi Lending

As the team that brought you the DeFi Score, we are deeply focused on building a risk management toolset for decentralized finance. We are excited to announce our latest product development, which helps users of open finance achieve smart financial outcomes.

Built on top of the upcoming DeFi Score API, Compare by ConsenSys Codefi lets you view a platform’s score alongside its interest rate for a more comprehensive analysis of available lending options. Our industry is only starting to explore the concept of risk-adjusted returns, and we believe such an approach will lead to a healthier ecosystem with happier investors.

🎁 Try it out:

compareGIF 1.gif

There’s more to DeFi Lending than Chasing APRs

Discussions around DeFi still often focus on the potential for great returns while ignoring the new types of risk that accompany these lending platforms.

In September, we released the DeFi Score whitepaper and kicked off a conversation to promote transparency and understanding around the technical and financial risks impacting DeFi lending markets.

With the release of Compare by ConsenSys Codefi, users can now make a more thorough examination of their DeFi lending opportunities, balancing risk and return in choosing where to lend.


Users can compare each lending pool’s DeFi Score, the components that make up a score, the current and historical interest rates, and several other related data points.

The product includes a variety of assets including DAI, SAI, USDC, ETH, TUSD, WBTC, BAT, and LINK with support for Compound, dYdX, Fulcrum, Nuo, and DDEX.

Why use it?

DFS Compare.png

Understand the Risks

The DeFi Score is an easy to understand metric on a 10-point scale score that can be presented to users or integrated into other systems. This new interface includes a summary of the attributes that contribute to the score, for example: strong technical properties, poor liquidity, and high utilization.

Compare Interest Rates

No comparison would be complete without an evaluation of a lending opportunity’s available interest rate. We break down the current and historical APRs for each supported lending pool.

Dig into the Data

Analyze market details like liquidity, total supply, collateral ratio, and additional metrics.

Built on the Upcoming DeFi Score API

Compare also serves as the first consumer destination utilizing the DeFi Score API.

With significant interest from the DeFi developer community, we will soon begin to roll out closed beta access to the API and broader industry integration. 

This first version will provide current scores and component metrics for each supported platform and asset.

The goal is to have a public API release in early Q1. In the meantime, we have a handful of DeFi projects and developers lined up, ready to start testing. If you’re interested in getting a sneak peek in exchange for feedback sign up for early access to the DeFi Score API.

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