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Introducing Codefi Markets: Secondary Trading for Digital Securities

by Nicole AdarmeJuly 21, 2020
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Codefi Markets enables OTC peer-to-peer trading for tokenization platforms and issuers seeking to provide secondary markets for their investors. Codefi Markets is built on AirSwap technology.

Just over a month ago, ConsenSys acquired AirSwap. ConsenSys offers a suite of products that includes blockchain developer tools and infrastructure like Infura, PegaSys, ConsenSys Diligence, and products for retail users of Ethereum, like Metamask. ConsenSys Codefi is focused on commerce and finance, built to optimize business processes and digitize financial instruments. AirSwap technology fits well into the Codefi umbrella, and we are excited to announce Codefi Markets: our new offering to enable secondary trading for tokenized securities.

Enabling Tokenization Platforms and Issuers to Unlock Liquidity

Liquidity is one of the most compelling aspects of tokenization, and tokenization platforms and issuers need to offer liquidity to their clients. Codefi Markets provides a white-label OTC trading solution that enables peer-to-peer asset transfer without relying on third-parties to broker trades or custody assets. Codefi Markets unlocks secondary market opportunities with an embeddable platform for investors to easily create, share, and settle orders over the counter. Tokenization platforms and issuers can enable frictionless trade for their user base with no signups, no deposits, no counterparty risk, and no listing or trading fees.

Codefi Markets allows users to customize prices and share orders privately after negotiating by email or over chat, for a more efficient way to trade private securities. Transactions that typically take two weeks to settle can be completed in a few minutes.

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Digital securities tokenization platform Securitize is a Codefi Markets customer. Securitize is an SEC-registered transfer agent and industry-leading enabler of digital securities for enterprise, funds, real estate, and existing businesses. Their customers have issued multiple digital securities that are currently trading in secondary markets. Recently, Securitize launched Instant Access, which integrates Codefi Markets’ peer-to-peer transfers with Securitize’s DS protocol to provide compliant trading of digital securities and is a powerful secondary market option for Securitize’s issuers and their investors.

“Currently, several of our issuers are using our integration of Codefi Markets technology with the DS protocol to initiate and settle compliant peer-to-peer, commission-free, instant-settlement transfers of digital securities. We believe this is a unique and powerful solution for investors, and a dramatic improvement over the much slower, more expensive option traditionally used for trading non-digitized private securities today. We are very satisfied with this integration and will continue to promote it as an offering to our issuers and investors,” said Carlos Domingo, CEO & Co-Founder at Securitize.


Growing with ConsenSys

Beyond the new integration with Codefi, the AirSwap team continues to maintain the AirSwap DEX and is leveraging the expertise of ConsenSys to grow its footprint in the ecosystem.  The team looks forward to the second half of this year and continuing its mission to empower the world with frictionless trade.