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Connect the Layers of Your Blockchain Stack with Codefi Orchestrate and Codefi Workflow

by Nicole AdarmeAugust 25, 2020

Integrated with ConsenSys Quorum’s open source protocol layer, our new product modules help you abstract away technical complexity from your blockchain solution and jumpstart business process optimization.

Today, the story of enterprise blockchain adoption hit another major milestone with ConsenSys’ acquisition of J.P. Morgan’s Ethereum-based platform, Quorum. With the acquisition, ConsenSys announced the launch of their new enterprise offering, ConsenSys Quorum, an open source protocol layer that serves as a foundation for businesses to build public or private Ethereum-based solutions.

In tandem with these announcements, the Codefi team is excited to release two new products that are integral to completing the ConsenSys technology stack for institutional-grade blockchain solutions: Codefi Orchestrate and Codefi Workflow. With these Codefi product modules now available on top of Quorum’s open source layer, enterprises can seamlessly connect their business applications to technical middleware and the underlying blockchain protocol layer.

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Codefi Orchestrate

Codefi Orchestrate is a collection of core technical components needed for every enterprise blockchain solution. It is built to accelerate the production of enterprise blockchain solutions, reduce development costs, and quicken time-to-market with features that abstract away technical complexities such as transaction, gas, nonce, and key management.

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Codefi Orchestrate serves as the connective tissue between the ConsenSys Quorum open source protocol layer and the Codefi enterprise product modules. It enables businesses and developers to build highly customizable and performant enterprise solutions on top of ConsenSys Quorum.

Explore Codefi Orchestrate’s product features.

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Codefi Orchestrate, formerly known as PegaSys Orchestrate, serves as an execution layer on top of Hyperledger Besu. By bringing Orchestrate into the Codefi product suite, ConsenSys is creating a more complete destination for businesses to build blockchain-based solutions and distinguishing our open source protocol offerings under ConsenSys Quorum.

Codefi Workflow

Codefi Workflow is the technology behind some of the latest game-changing blockchain projects, Covantis and komgo. It enables large enterprises and financial institutions to run business operations across multiple organizations on distributed technology.

Institutions often face challenges coordinating projects between numerous stakeholders. Outdated, paper-based systems leave data vulnerable to human error, manipulation, and fraud; they require frequent data consolidation, and entail high operational costs to maintain. This is where Codefi Workflow comes in.

Codefi Workflow provides the foundational business logic to automate business processes, and enable digital assets, decentralized applications, and blockchain payments.

Explore Codefi Workflow’s product features.

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Codefi Workflow enables businesses to jumpstart business process optimization and expedite blockchain solution deployment. It does this by connecting multiple systems across several institutions to generate cost savings across the end-to-end business process lifecycle. It optimizes business operations and protects against data manipulation with secure process automation, verifiable proofs of execution, and streamlined information sharing. It guarantees consistency of records across business processes and ecosystem participants, and it easily connects blockchain solutions with existing business systems and wider networks, including the Ethereum mainnet, with best-in-class APIs.