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AirSwap Celebrates Three Years with MetaMask Integration and Open Development System

The future of AirSwap is in open development, collaboration, and tokenomics. With several improvement proposals (AIPs) and the release of MetaMask Swaps underway, AirSwap is positioned to be the premier RFQ trading network for Ethereum.
by ConsensysOctober 13, 2020
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Three years ago, AirSwap launched to a global audience. Since then, we completed the initial roadmap and made several iterations on its core protocols and products. With the system ready, we recently shifted to prioritize deeper collaborations and a focus on scale.

We recently worked with the MetaMask team on MetaMask Swaps to connect its 1M+ active users to both onchain AMM liquidity and RFQ liquidity like AirSwap. AirSwap will excel in this system as users interact directly with LPs to get the most competitive prices in realtime.

AirSwap itself is a DEX without front running or price slippage, a trustless tool for trades of any kind or size. The largest trades in DeFi have been performed on AirSwap, without intermediaries, deposits, or trading fees. Trades are priced and executed peer-to-peer, allowing for a safe and seamless trading process for both sides of every trade.

Now, AirSwap LPs directly serve millions of MetaMask users. Read how to get started as an LP on AirSwap today.

AirSwap Improvement Proposals (AIPs)

Two weeks ago, we introduced improvement proposals (AIPs), which you can explore on the GitHub repository and read about in AIP 1. We believe an open development process allows AirSwap to keep pace with an ever-changing ecosystem.

Improvement proposal categories include new protocols, smart contracts, maker software, network tooling, applications, and tokenomics. We are excited to collaborate with the token and developer communities on the future of the AirSwap network.

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Active proposals

After publishing the initial proposals (AIP 2, AIP 3), the community lit up with discussion centered on the proposed airdrop and its effects. After much debate, several additional proposals have been made. We have reviewed these internally and have joined the community discussions on GitHub and Discord

We are updating AIPs based on feedback and will be putting the first up for a vote later this week so look out in the coming days at https://vote.airswap.io/.

How the pieces fit together

Building AirSwap into MetaMask solves the demand side of the network. From the start, our goal was to build the best trading experience, so aggregating all available DEX liquidity alongside AirSwap was a win-win for MetaMask and AirSwap users alike. Once launched, we are focusing on the supply side with proposals like AIP 3 (Liquidity Rewards for LPs) and a concerted effort to incentivize and onboard new LPs to the network.

Looking ahead

As the AirSwap network enters its fourth year, the energy and dedication of the AirSwap community continue to drive us forward. Built upon a strong technical foundation, a new focus on collaboration and scale is taking the network to even greater heights. New community proposals and the integration with MetaMask are converging in the coming weeks to maximize both network and community health.

With the system complete and demand-side solved, AirSwap is poised to scale. Join us on our mission to empower the world with frictionless trade.