Introducing our

Tokenized Asset Design Workshop

About this Workshop

This training will allow participants to understand the current tokenization landscape and enterprise use cases leveraging tokenized assets. Upon completion, participants will have a better understanding of token-based incentive models and they will be able to design a tokenized asset for a business case.


Program Details

This workshop will cover tokenization foundations, enterprise use cases, and tokenized asset design. We will cover the history of tokens, how blockchain is being leveraged to the technology space, and crypto-economic incentive structures.

Who you are

Open to asset managers, product managers, business leaders and anyone looking to increase assets properties with regards to traceability, exchangeability and ownership of assets. The training requires a general understanding of Blockchain and Ethereum technology and key features and applications of Blockchain technology.

What you get

Participants who attend the workshop in 100% full attendance will receive a certificate of completion issued by ConsenSys Academy.

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