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Blockchain basics

Guide to blockchain (for non-developers)

Given the heavy interest in learning more about blockchain technology, ConsenSys Academy has created a guide to blockchain for non-developers. Blockchain Basics is targeted at those who are new to the space and want to build a core understanding of these topics. The e-book, priced at $15 USD, covers themes ranging from the history of the technology, to architecture basics, to business applications, and more!

History and Promise of Blockchain

A Brief History of Blockchain — Harvard Business Review

History of Blockchain — DEVCON1

A World Without Middlemen — Harvard Business Review

Companies Eager to Hire Blockchain Experts — UNC Kenan-Flagler

Principles of Decentralization

The Meaning of Decentralization — Vitalik Buterin

Welcome to 3.0 — ConsenSys

Technical Basics of Blockchain

Cryptographic Identity in Blockchain — Blockchain at Berkeley

Bitcoin – Digital Signatures — Khan Academy

Hash Functions — Decentralize Today

Blockchain Underpinnings: Hashing — ConsenSys

Guide: Hashing — ConsenSys

The Ethereum Blockchain

Bringing Blockchain Mainstream — HBS Digital Initiative

What is Ethereum — Motherboard

How Does Ethereum Work? — MetaMask

Ethereum Official Documentation — Ethereum Community

Intro to Ethereum: The Internet’s Government — Karl Dot Tech

The Ethereum network is secure and trustworthy

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