How to become an

Official Education Partner

Who You Are

You are an organization or an enterprise (for-profits and non-profits welcome). Your organization has trainers who have two or more years of technical instruction experience (not limited to blockchain technology). Your trainers are full time employees of your organization or enterprise and are fluent in English.

It is suggested that your organization has some knowledge of local markets and/or your local blockchain ecosystem. Your organization should have a technical training background of at least two years.


Our Process

  • Submit your interest to [email protected]
  • Once accepted, you will receive training materials for Blockchain for Executives and Blockchain for Developers and a ConsenSys Academy point of contact.
  • For every training executed, you will provide student information (name, email, and course information) for each closed training
  • All students will be emailed our quality survey
  • This data will be shared during a quarterly call with a ConsenSys Academy point of contact
ConsenSys Academy