Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases

Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases is our flagship introductory course, no prior technology experience required! You’ll learn about the foundational technology behind blockchain, how it works, and what it means both practically and philosophically. We’ll walk you through case studies, introduce you to some of the top minds in the industry, and by the end of the course, you’ll be able to write a case study of your own that analyzes the suitability of blockchain in a specific business context. Best of all, upon successfully completing the course you’ll be certified by ConsenSys Academy.

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Blockchain Basics Online Course

Developer Program On-Demand

The Developer Program On-Demand is a comprehensive self-paced program with a modular approach to learn Ethereum development. With anytime, anywhere access to course material, the schedule is flexible and we put time back in your hands. The multi-modal content helps the motivated learner, such as yourself, build your Ethereum knowledge and developments skills as your schedule allows and at your own pace - all at once or a few minutes at a time. Learn Ethereum development your way, anytime, anywhere.

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Developer Program On Demand

Developer Program Bootcamp

With the continued success and demand for the Developer Program Bootcamp courses, we are excited to launch our next cohort! This end-to-end Ethereum developer course is an online, mentor-led, new and improved course created alongside top blockchain developers at ConsenSys. The goal of the program is to give experienced developers all the necessary knowledge, skills, and hands on mentorship needed for them to become industry-leading Ethereum developers.

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Developer Program Bootcamp

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