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Blockchain Foundations and Use Cases

Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases is our flagship introductory course, no prior technology experience required! You’ll learn about the foundational technology behind blockchain, how it works, and what it means both practically and philosophically. We’ll walk you through case studies, introduce you to some of the top minds in the industry, and by the end of the course, you’ll be able to write a case study of your own that analyzes the suitability of blockchain in a specific business context. Best of all, upon successfully completing the course you’ll be certified by ConsenSys Academy.

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Blockchain Basics Online Course

Blockchain for Governments

Blockchain for Governments is an in-person training that will allow students to get a better understanding of blockchain technology, Ethereum, and its intersections with governments and regulatory bodies.

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Developer Program On Demand

Ethereum 101 Workshop

The Ethereum 101 Workshop is an in-person training that onboards students directly to the Ethereum blockchain to learn and interact with foundational technical concepts. This is perfect for technology enthusiasts looking to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

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Developer Program Bootcamp

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