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The Enterprise Program focuses on implementing blockchain technology in enterprise contexts, taking into consideration corporate and business requirements such as scalability, privacy and permissioning for blockchain-based products and services. Participants will become familiar with blockchain-based solutions available for enterprises, as well as, future features for driving enterprise adoption.



The Ethereum Enterprise Developer edition covers key topics regarding the implementation of blockchain technology to enterprise solutions. Real world use-cases for enterprise blockchain enable cost reductions, increased efficiency, transparency and most importantly, security. With this mind, this program covers topics ranging from blockchain solution architecture to permissioned blockchains. The aim of this training is to enable enterprises to launch Blockchain-based solutions on top of permissioned blockchains.


The Webinar Series covers how blockchain applications improve the status quo in the industry, understanding the role played and value added by blockchain technology in enterprise applications. The aim of the series is to explain how the main applications of this technology apply in different industries (e.g. Finance Services, Health, Energy, Retail, etc.) and how blockchain adds value in enterprise-level uses cases.

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