Learn about the intersection of blockchain technology and the public sector:

Blockchain for Government

About this Offering

This training will allow participants to understand Blockchain technology, Ethereum, and applications for governments. Upon completion, participants will understand the technology, be familiar with key applications and be able to identify and critique opportunities around blockchain technology across government related use cases.

Team Work


Blockchain for Government Agenda

Program Details

$675 per person, 1 DAY | 7 HOURS | 10 to 40 PARTICIPANTS PER TRAINING

Who you are

No prior experience in Blockchain other than an interest in understanding the technology and its implication on government services. The area of expertise is not limited to IT or digital transformation-related positions. Project managers, decision makers for government IT projects, and policy makers will find this workshop most relevant to their work. Training can be delivered on-site or set up for a particular location, upon request.

What you get

The participants who attend the training will get a Certificate of Completion.

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