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Ethereum 101 Training
Interactive Workshop

Ethereum 101 Workshop

The Ethereum 101 Workshop is an in-person, instructor led training that onboards students directly to the Ethereum blockchain to learn and interact with foundational technical concepts. This is perfect for technology enthusiasts looking to interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

Learn about:

  • Private and public key encryption
  • How blockchain data is structured
  • Connecting to the blockchain through your browser (with MetaMask! )

Upon successful completion of this training, students will have their own Ethereum account and associated private key, MetaMask installed and configured, and test ether to play with on Ethereum testnet. Learners will also receive a certificate of completion from ConsenSys Academy.

Dive deep into the fundamentals of blockchain and Ethereum with this workshop and learn by doing. It is strongly recommended that students possess a basic understanding of blockchain concepts, though no coding experience is necessary.

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