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Credentialing Today

Certificates issued in physical or digital form require verification - despite the signature, seals, and data contained on them.

Recipients have little ownership and control over what they have legitimately earned, verifiers find it laborious and expensive to establish the authenticity, and issuers have to constantly battle fraudulent credentials and damaged reputations.

To overcome these pitfalls, Ethense offers a credentialing solution for the decentralized future for both certificate receivers and issuers like traditional universities, MOOCs, continuous education programs, Human Resources groups and others.

What we offer


Generate and issue credentials


Own and control credentials


Authenticate and verify credentials

Ethereum-based on and off-chain credential issuance
Proven identity claim and Social integration (LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit)
Provides self-sovereign identity and credential wallet through uPort
Standards alignment allow for portability and stackability of issued credentials

Standards alignment

Our product

Your identity.

Your data.

Your credential.

Innovative format.

Already being used today by over 150 students across 35+ countries globally.


"Having my blockchain developer course completion certificate stored with my uPort identity aligns with the blockchain ethos of decentralized ownership and control. It is independent verification that I completed the course without any need to check with a central administration. It is the first official piece of my self-sovereign identity."
Chris Smith
ConsenSys Academy Developer Program Graduate

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