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First of all, thank you for wanting to engage with us! One of the things that makes the Ethereum community so wonderful is their willingness to collaborate to make wonderful tools for learning. Interacting with you will help us improve our products.

Sadly, times slows for no one. Products break, code does not compile, and our documentation becomes progressively outdated. If you find a citation or link that fits this description, please do the two following things:

First, report the issue on the publishing platform. Second, if you have the time (and want to do a good deed for others who purchased the book) and find where that citation has moved to, you are more than welcome to let us know via this form, and we will push out an updated version of the book to all purchasers periodically.

I want to you to add a page/want you to add more detail.

Please let us know what information you want more detail on. As we hear from readers, we can push updates to this book to include more detail or clarity. We hope you will find this update feature useful, and allow you to continue to engage with the book over time.

I have a question, comment, or a concern

Please fill out this form, which will alert the team of your inquiry and we will respond promptly as we work to address your inquiry.

We are happy to accept all worthwhile submissions! Cheers!