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ConsenSys is a global blockchain company. We develop enterprise applications, invest in startups, build developer tools, and offer blockchain education. Explore blockchain use cases →


We build customizable Enterprise Ethereum solutions.


We invest in and accelerate blockchain startups.


We provide Ethereum developers with tools and resources.


We offer online and in-person blockchain education.


We’re Building the Technology for Web 3.0

In 2014, ConsenSys was founded with the vision of growing the Ethereum community into a robust ecosystem of people and products. ConsenSys has since developed into a global formation of world-class developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, security experts, lawyers, and more who are working together to lay the foundations for a decentralized future.

Now present in over 30 countries worldwide, we’re helping everyone from developers to NGOs to Global 2000 companies launch real-world blockchain solutions that are optimizing workflows, securing IT infrastructure, unlocking new business models, and setting a new standard for trust.

Featured Products

  • Alethio

    Monitor and synthesize on-chain data in real time with Alethio’s blockchain analytics and visualization platform.

  • Codefi

    Optimize business process, activate digital financial instruments, and deploy production-ready blockchain solutions with Codefi.

  • Diligence

    Request a smart contract audit from ConsenSys Diligence's team of security experts.

  • Infura

    Develop decentralized applications using Infura’s world-class infrastructure with instant, scalable API access to the Ethereum and IPFS networks.

  • MythX

    Increase smart contract security and avoid costly errors with MythX’s premier security analysis service.

  • PegaSys

    Build enterprise blockchain solutions with PegaSys, the most reliable and only vendor supported Ethereum client.


The Decentralized Future

Founder Joseph Lubin discusses ConsenSys, the Ethereum ecosystem, and his vision for global blockchain innovation.


Looking for tools, tutorials, and real-world blockchain case studies? Explore our free resources from industry experts at ConsenSys.

  • Case Studies

    Industry-changing Ethereum blockchain solutions for finance, international trade, supply chain, government, social impact, and more.

  • Webinars

    Watch on-demand webinars from some of the foremost blockchain experts in the world.

  • Developer Portal

    Everything you need to start building on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • ConsenSys Grants

    Apply for funding for your Ethereum project. We support projects that meet the needs of our rapidly-accelerating ecosystem.

  • ConsenSys Blog

    Read the latest blockchain news, product announcements, developer updates, expert interviews, and more.

  • Knowledge Base

    Introductions to blockchain technology, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications, and more.

Featured Case Study

Komgo: Bringing Commodity Trade Finance into the 21st Century

Komgo is a secure, blockchain-based platform that is optimizing financing processes and accelerating industry operations for the world’s largest commodity trade and finance companies.

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Featured Webinar

The Future of Finance: Digital Assets and DeFi

A discussion on the macro-financial and technological trends that are contributing to the exponential growth in decentralized finance. 

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“For those who understand the profound implications of blockchain technology, there is no turning back.”

Joseph Lubin
Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of ConsenSys